Jackson says thanks a lot for those tasty "Teddy Treats". I really liked them WOOOF WOOOF!!! I believe you've got a winner there!
-Cheers, Ron, Bev and Jackson Penticton

I just wanted to write and tell you how much we love your product you private labeled for us. The "Bitty Bites" were a huge success in NY. We had a sample bowl sitting out and people were trying them and then coming back to buy like crazy. We send a small sample out with every order we get. Thank you so much....we love them and will call as soon as we need more.
— Best Regards, Jeanne Itty-Bitty Dog Store, LLC

For optimal nutrition, our hospital recommends feeding preservative free foods that mimic a predator's natural diet. That is why we recommend Teddy Treats and I also believe that is why dogs like them so much. (I'm not a big liver fan myself).
— Dr. David Lane of Coast Mountain Veterinary Hospital

Just a short note to let you know what my dog thinks of Teddy-Treats. I am a certified dog trainer (North American Guard Dog Academy) and whenever I am on the road, my German Shepard Varna rides with me. I carry dog cookies in the glove box and whenever I get back to the car, she gets one as a reward. In all the years I've had her, she never stole a thing. Last week I was given a bag of Teddy Treats and gave one to Varna to sample, putting the rest of the bag in my glove box. Imagine my surprise when I got back to the car one hour later, Vana was happily in the back seat, licking the empty Teddy-Treats bag and looking full of guilt at me, her eyes saying "But Daddy, it was sooooo good." By the way, all the regular cookies were still in the wide open glove box.
— Rene Meissl "The Dog Father"

I am writing this on behalf of our new puppy "Lemon". We have tried several dried and moist treats, but nothing makes her as happy as Teddy Treats. These have improved her training sessions so much and she is only 9 weeks old. Lemon says keep up the good work.
— Sarah and Martin Whistler

A special thank you for all the natural Teddy Treats your company has provided to our Whistler dog pound facility. Each year we provide care for the many homeless, abandoned, lost and or impounded animals and it is nice spending some quality time giving them a wholesome treat. They love them!!
— Your continued generosity and support is greatly appreciated, Kimberly Lord - Whistler Animal Control

I am a desperate kitty owner, who has a kitty that REFUSES to eat any treats except Kitty Kandy pork liver. My problem is, is that the only store I can find with them, has been out since Christmas, and is lagging so very much on getting more. Is there somewhere I can order two or three bags? Please help!! Fuzz is demanding treats, and is getting quite vocal and snotty about not having them. (I found her the other day hiding in the corner with the empty bag trying to tear it open to lick the inside!!)
— Thanks a bunch!! Felice in California!

My dog Prince (the King of the Teddy Treats) has made the entire block laugh.... and more! My brother-in-law took Prince for a walk. Upon his return, I tied him up with his long rope (approx. 25 feet) as he has a tendency of running away. Went inside to get the Teddy Treats so that my brother-in-law could give him some for being a good boy. When Prince saw the Teddy Treat bag, he automatically was in high gear. My brother-in-law, told him to 'lie-down'.... well Prince was so excited to see the treats that he rolled over about 3 times and tangled himself around his rope like he has never done before! He would not sit still.... he kept rolling over until my brother-in-law made some signs of giving him the treat.... Honestly, there was no rope left over. My brother-in-law was so amazed at these treats that he looked at the bag and said, 'What the heck is in this stuff anyway?.... Maybe I should bring some to my wife!!' Thanks and keep up the good work with these awesome treats.
— Jacquie Watkins The Maritimes

Thank you for creating the best treat in the whole world. We love when our mom rewards us with a scrumptious teddy treat. At our store, Pet Essentials, our mom welcomes all types of dogs of which we have shared many of our Teddy Treats with. We can recall this one time, where an older female Golden Retriever named Lacy entered the store. She was a real beauty, however timid as can be. Our mom tried to give her some other treats and she turned her nose up, then my mom opened a packaged of teddy treats. We told lacy she was in for the treat of her life, and if she wanted her human to buy her the best treat every she better snap out of it. It didn't matter what we told Lacy, because when our mom opened that bag, and lacy sniffed the air and took in the sweet aroma of liver, she gobble down the teddy treat and beg for more. Lacy was amazing. She perked right up and began to wag her tail. Her human couldn't believe how much she loved the teddy treat. They have been back several times ordering more teddy treats. Teddy treats are the greatest canine craz, since humans became addicted to the internet. We highly recommed Teddy Treats.
— Sincerely Ch. Emmet Kelly, Dalmatian CEO of Pet Essentials, Inc and Ch. Alby, Dalmatain Vp of testing product p.s. Thanks mom for finding us the best treat ever.